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Dossiers > Articles and Reviews in English > Emulation > [ENG] Hyper-easy openMSX for Mac OS X

[ENG] Hyper-easy openMSX for Mac OS X

Does openMSX compilation seem for you too difficult ? Do you want all the best from MSX on your Mac in less than 10 minutes ? Read then this little manual to install openMSX and his launcher Nekocan.

First step: What you need to download
  • the last binary version of openMSX for MacOS X, available on the official openMSX website (version 0.61 when this review has been made in 2006)

  • the 'NekoLauncher openMSX' available on Nekocan@mac

  • Second step: Basic installation

    Open both folders and place them side by side. Right-click on 'NekoLauncher openMSX' and select 'Show Package Contents'. It will open a new folder with the content hidden behind this folder. Repeat the same procedure to display the package contents of the openMSX application. Result of this operation can be viewed on the following screen.

    Copy now the 'share' folder from the openMSX package in the 'NekoLauncher openMSX' package.

    Copy then the file 'openMSX' from the folder '/Contents/MacOS/' of the openMSX package in the folder '/Contents/MacOS/' of the 'NekoLauncher openMSX' package.
    After this operation, close both packages! The basic installation is finished

    Third step: openMSX launching via NekoLauncher
    Basic installation includes a MSX1 BIOS and a MSX2 BIOS. You will only be able to start ROM games. A double-click on the NekoLauncher application starts the user interface. Click on CartA to select a ROM file, then run the emulator by clicking on the Power button. That's all !

    Fourth step: Installation of some improvements
    openMSX allows to install additionnal files which will give the opportunity to fully enjoy the MSX power. You can for example install almost all the MSX configurations if you have the requested ROMs.

    By opening the package 'NekoLauncher openMSX' , you will find the description of the MSX machines that exist in the 'share/machines' folder, with sometimes a text file to precise which roms are requested to run the concerned machine. Place these ROMS in the 'share/systemroms' folder and you will be able to select this machine in the 'Control' -> 'Machines' menu the next time you will start NekoLauncher openMSX. As good basic machine, I recommend to install the 'Boosted_MSX2_EN' machine (requested ROMS: nms8250_disk.rom, nms8250_basic-bios2.rom, nms8250_msx2sub.rom, fmpac.rom and yrw801.rom)

    Enjoy and don't hesitate to visit the openMSX website to read an ultra-complete user's guide.

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