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[ENG] Nemesis 2 - The battle to save Nemesis begins !

NEMESIS 2 - The battle to save Nemesis begins !

Useful link :

Complete map


(text initially written by Erikrom, restructured and completed by mars2000)

    Some years after the Bacterions defeat, a coup d'état breaks down, it was fomented by Venom who is exiled to planet Sard. He succees to escape from this planet and forms an alliance with the Bacterions to take hold on many planets and prepare the invasion of Nemesis. As answer to this danger, James Burton has a new mission : pilot the Metalion, a more sophisticated spaceship than the Vic Viper, and eliminate definitely Venom and the Bacterions.
    This shoot 'em up released in 1987 by Konami on a MegaROM is real fun, it forces the respect with a production above all existing things at that time. Graphics are pushed to the maximum, in any case for the MSX1 standard, as you can see it on the various screenshots in this review.

For the first time, a Konami cartridge comes with a build-in soundchip, the SCC, which allows the sound to pass on 8 channels. The sound environment becomes interesting, exceeding Nemesis 1 by far. Gameplay is as good, even better as in the first opus with especially less deceleration in the scrolling. It is also necessary to mention the quality of the game introduction, worthy of a science fiction's scenario.
    Nemesis 2 uses again the Nemesis 1 receipts and improves them : pre-stages to get still more powerful equipment, hidden levels which are even more difficult to find, increasingly more dangerous final bosses. The famous system of power up, invented by Konami, is always present too, but the protection shield is renamed FORCEFIELD.

We find also back the capsules with their colors and effects unchanged : red for the power up, blue to eliminate all the enemies present on the current screen, yellow for extra points and green for extra lifes. Yellow and blue capsules are available only in the bonus stages. New capsules make their entry, they allow to get special weapons !
    If you want to play this game by giving him a rather comic look, think of inserting Penguin Adventure in slot 2 : your vic viper will be transformed into penguin and the various capsules will become fishes or birds! Incredible ! Alas, this trick does not work with the beta version ...
    Other cartridges can be combined with the normal version of the game :

* Q-Bert : pause the game with F1 and type METALION to become invincible ; NEMESIS to go to next stage ; LARS18TH to get a maximum of weapons

* The Maze of Galious : if you lose a ship, you can get your weapons back, except if you have activated continue with F5.

The first weapons

    As in Nemesis 1, thanks to the power-ups system, your shooting can be doubled (DOUBLE) or replaced by a powerful LASER. This last one exists now with 2 different intensities.
    Besides, missiles (MISSILE) and two options (OPTION) can reinforce your fire power and you can acquire a protection shield (FORCEFIELD). Your SPEED can also be modified. As for the laser, missiles can now be shoot with 2 different cadences.

The experience weapons

  Nemesis 2 innovates in the armament of your space vessel, as the core stage, which follows the majority of the normal stages, gives the opportunity to acquire more sophisticated weapons. The most interesting are Napalm Missile, Up Laser and Extended Laser. You should notice that some weapons are incompatible between them; it is therefore a great art to collect the best possible equipment.
    Your laser shoot can be directed to the top (UP LASER), the bottom (DOWN LASER) or have a greater, extended power (EXTENDED LASER).
    You can have napalm missiles (NAPALM) and an ordinary shoot at the back (BACK BEAM).
    You can throw fireballs that act as boomerangs (REFLEX RING) or an increasing and decreasing flame (FIREBLASTER).

The special weapons

  Another innovation is the possibility of acquiring special items for a limited time at certain locations of the game, by taking new original capsules.
    OPTION WARRIOR or OPTION RING aligns your options in a circle
    VECTOR LASER is a laser with long vertical lines
    ENEMY SLOW slows down the appearance of your enemies

ROTARY DRILL allows to pass through bricks and living particles

The walkthrough

  Here's a walkthrough that describes each of the 8 normal stages (including 6 to make twice !) and 3 bonus stages (which you can also make twice !). Note that most of the normal stages start with a pre-stage, which allows to upgrade your spaceship.
    Stages follow one another without too much resembling each other. Stage 1 is already very beautiful with totems which bar your way.
    With exception for stages 6, 7 and 0 (final stage), after having overcome the boss of each level and by penetrating the heart of the boss, you will have access to a core stage. It's the same each time, and according to speed with which you will have overcome the boss, you will get 1 or 2 of the 7 experience weapons (majority of them are not cumulable).
    Stage 2 proposes a more vegetable and shimmering environment, but requests a much higher level of reflex.
    Stage 3 has a similar background to that from Old Greece and includes the passage towards the bonus stage 1.
    The 1st bonus stage seems to be a more deeper exploration of the old Greek temple.
    Stage 4 evolves in air mountains, strewn with rocks and dangerous laser beams.
    Stage 5 is more volcanic with its lava, which is very nicely displayed in spite of the limited number of colors; you will find it again in Nemesis 3, but with less talent.
    Stage 6 proposes a splendid and organic underwater environment with the passage towards the bonus stage 2 just before the end; its boss is original and grasping.
    The 2d bonus stage is a come back to the old Greek temple and includes the passage towards the bonus stage 3.
    The 3rd bonus stage, so well hidden in the bonus stage 2, reveals the last treasures of the old Greek temple.
    Stage 7 is metallic and extremely long; it's an high stunt-flying challenge, you will need a mountain of courage !
    If you reach the end of stage 7, you will have to make all the previous stages again because the terrible Venom has dangerously reached the Nemesis zone when you were busy to destroy the Bacterion's power.
    After so long and hard fights, you will discover the last stage (stage 0). A superb and quite as difficult stage : the fortress of Venom.

The end

    If you destroy this fortress, your mission will be completely finished : Nemesis and 7 other planets are again in peace !

The beta version

  There is a mystery around a demo or beta of Nemesis 2. This version comprises 9 normal stages (including 7 to make twice!) and no any bonus stage.

I'm still searching for explanations and informations about this beta, which includes 2 completely new stages, not included in the final version, for lack of memory in the cartridge ?!?

The following special keys can be used :

F2 : next stage
F3 : next power-up
Shift+F5 : activate metalion (invincible) mode
Code/Kana + F5 : deactivate metalion (invincible) mode
    The 1st unpublished stage has an egyptian background and replaces stage 4 of the final version.
    The 2nd unpublished stage evolves in a frozen prehistory full of dinosaurs and is intercalated between stages 5 and 6 of the final version.

The demo version

  Older than the beta version, there’s also an endless demo, but with an additionnal animation in the intro.
    It includes 8 stages (only 7 stages are reachable when playing normally) :

* stage 1 = stage 2 of the final version
* stage 2 = stage 6 of the final version
* stage 3 = stage 3 of the final version
* stage 4 = stage 1 of the final version
* stage 5 = stage 5 of the final version
* stage 6 = stage 4 of the final version
* stage 7 = stage 7 of the final version
* stage 0 (can only be played when using a cheat) = stage 0 of the final version


Besides, boss of stage 6 is the boss of the 2nd unpublished stage !

A debug mode can be activated : pause the game with F1 and type SET TITLE KONAMI. You can then switch to METALION (invincible) mode by pressing on SHIFT ; back to normal mode by pressing on CODE/KANA.

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