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[ENG] Dragon Knight 1 - Girls need to be saved !

DRAGON KNIGHT 1 - Girls need to be saved !

Useful link :

Map of the 6 tower floors (see legend below this review)

Strawberry Fields is a kingdom inhabited only by women and protected by the tower of the goddess Adriana. Alas, especially vicious and sadistic Dragons have conquered the tower, stolen the gems of Adriana and captured many girls to torture and abuse them. An hero with a pure and disinterested heart, Yamato Takeru, will try to save these girls, find back the gems of Adriana and kill these satanic Dragons.

The Japanese company Elf makes a big surprise in 1989 with this RPG which includes erotic pictures. Even if the beginning of the game is too difficult, Dragon Knight 1 can be source of passion, as beyond the multiple fights against monsters, you need also to solve enigmas to get items and progress in the game. Besides, there's the attractiveness of the erotic pictures ! To not spoil your fun, this review does not reveal the hottest pictures !

For each fight, 3 options are proposed : attack, use magic or run away. If you select magic, then you can choose between cast a spell or use magic to restore vitality.

Each victory on the enemies alllows to get money and experience points. Money is the way to get more powerful weapons, so you can enhance your attack strength and your defence capabilities. Experience points allow to reach higher levels, what has consequences on the maximum of vitality and magic.

The tower includes 6 floors. They are generally connected by stairs and a lift. For the stairs, the first proposed option allows to go up or go down. For the lift, if you have the permission to use it, you will be able to select the floor, but the 6th floor can't be reached by the lift.

    The game comes on 4 disks :
- disk A : intro, menu and end
- disk B : tower floors 1 and 4
- disk C : tower floors 2 and 3
- disk D : tower floors 5 and 6

You need to start with disk A and it is required to press on LeftCtrl when booting your (real or emulated) MSX. The intro is very long, as it includes the meeting of the hero with the queen Lula and the princess Nana. You can skip this intro by pressing on F1 to access directly to the menu.

The menu

    The game menu comes with 6 options :
1 = the tower (you are asked to insert disk B)
2 = the gunsmith's shop
3 = the buddhist temple
4 = the palace : princess Nana recalls your triple mission
5 = the prophet Obaba gives some advices
6 = utility to load a saved game from disk A (1st option) and to save the game on disk A (2nd option) - in stead of starting with almost nothing, you can choose one of the 3 save files !

Of course, it's better to use the CPU save states with an emulator !
    You can buy different weapons at the gunsmith's shop (back to menu by ESC) :

SWORDS   Gold             HELMS   Gold
Gold knife   20             Cap   60
Short sword   500             Salet   700
Long sword   4000             Barbat   5000
Bloated sword   8000             Full helm   8000
ARMORS                 SHIELDS    
Leather armor   70             Backler shield   60
Chain mail armor   800             Terju shield   700
Breast plate armor   6000             Squioom shield   5000
Preit armor   10000             Paveese shield   8000
    You will meet Luna and her mother (Lusa) in the buddhist temple. If your vitality and/or magic points are too low, they can help you (choose the first proposed option).

The walkthrough

  Here's a walthrough to be used with cheats in the blueMSX and openMSX emulators, so it will be more easy ! The real walkthrough is for sure longer and more difficult ! Note that it is recommended to use only the vitality and magic cheats when you don't have the key of the prison on the 1st tower floor.
    Tower floor 1

Go to the gunsmith's shop to buy your first weapons, then visit the prophet Obaba.

Insert disk B to kill some enemies and visit the Gorrem guard (in position 16,0).
Go then to the starting point of floor 1 (in position 0,0) to go back to the village (disk A), purchase new weapons and visit again the prophet. It must be done many times!

On your 3rd or 4th visit, she will give you a sleeping pill that you will use on the guard. You will therefore be able to steal the key of the prison where Ann is imprisoned.
    Go to this prison (in position 16,6), kill the monsters and rescue Ann.
    Go to the torture room (in position 13,17) to save Annie. Walk around the 1st floor many times (with exception for the way leading to the dragon) and kill a maximum of enemies, then go back to the shop (disk A) and buy a better equipment.
    Avoid the traps and go to the hidden stairs (in position 1,16) which lead to the 2nd floor of the tower. Choose the 1st option and insert disk C.
    As soon you are on the 2nd floor, you meet a monster who is threatening a girl. The battle will be very hard, but you will succeed to rescue Mel.
    Go back to the 1st floor (disk B) and follow the way to the cave of the Red Dragon for a big battle (in position 13,1).
    Tower floor 2

Go back to the 2nd floor (disk C) to explore it and read a parchment in a room without enemies (in position 16,10).
    You will find also the earrings of devil (in position 16,16).
    Very close to this item, a silver leaf is waiting for you (in position 13,16).
    Go to the door protected by the dial 1175 (in position 4,4). Go to the torture room (in position 5,5) to rescue Zion from her executioners.
    Leave this place to spy on Goblin (in position 7,16).
    Go to the way which leads to the cave of the Blue Dragon for a big battle (in position 16,1).
Enter then the stairs to floor 3 (in position 0,0).
    Tower floor 3

Rescue first Loulou (in position 7,11).
    She will tell you a strange story of transformation into a living oak. Strange but true as you can notice it on a statue (in position 8,12).
    Be candidate at the employment security office (in position 2,1).
    Go to the guard training room(in position 2,16).
    Visit the office for the permission to use the lift (in position 15,16).
    Go back to the training room (position 2,16) for many fights, then to the competent office for the lift (position 15,16) before entering the special training school (in position 15,1).
    Rescue Jane who is imprisoned in an hidden room of this special school (in position 15,2).
    Go to the way which leads to the cave of the Green Dragon for a big battle (in position 5,13).

Enter then the stairs to the 4th floor (in position 17,17) and insert disk B.
    Tower floor 4

This floor is full with doors hidden in the pillars, but they are not all interesting ! You will find a scribbling (in position 14,16) and get a white sword (in position 16,12).
    Enter the pyramid with its multiple tortuous paths to find a blue coffin with a red stone (in position 12,5).
    In perfect symmetry, you will find a red coffin with a blue stone (in position 5,5). Both stones are actually not at the right location. Take the blue stone to put it on the blue coffin (in position 12,5). Take then the red stone to put it on the red coffin (in position 5,5).
    A red door (in position 6,10) can now be opened and you can rescue Rarra (in position 8,12).
    Further in the pyramid, you will save Leila (in position 8,16).
    A blue door (in position 11,10) is now opened and you can continue your quest to the cave of the Yellow Dragon for a big battle (in position 9,16).
    Use the lift (in position 9,9) to go to the 5th floor and insert disk D.
    Tower floor 5

Go to the door of the demon city (in position 9,1). It will remain closed. To get the key of the demon city, you need to visit the temple 2 or 3 times, what requires to use the lift to go back to 1st floor (disk B) and to go to the starting point of floor 1 (in position 0,0) to go back to the village (disk A). You will get the key when Luna has completely disappeared.
    Visit the dwarf blacksmith (in position 1,15).
    Find then an altar (in position 14,13). It hides a door and a way to the cave of the Black Dragon for a big battle (in position 13,12).
    You can therefore rescue Luna who was captured by the evil forces
    Go to the Popepo's pavilion (in position 3,7) and fight against the boss. Attack the monsters who are contributing to an horrible entertainment (in position 1,10) and rescue a girl nicknamed Sealing Coat.
    Go to the cabaret (in position 4,11) and fight against the doorkeeper.
    Attack the monsters who are having a good time (in position 6,12) and rescue Sorsha.
    This girl will give you a white whip. But your rescue operation is not finished ! Two other girls are waiting for your help : Maria (in position 16,7) and a girl with the nickname of Little Match Girl (in position 16,8).
    Enter the stairs (in position 5,16). In stead of leading to the 6th floor, they lead to the 1st floor (in position 17,0 - disk B). Use the lift (in position 9,9) to go back to the 5th floor (disk D). You need to purify three times in the waterway (in position 10,17) before going to the 6th floor.
    Tower floor 6

Go to the East and follow the way to the hole in the ceiling (in position 17,0).
    Go back to the waterway, then go the West to find the stairs which lead to the 5th floor (in position 2,2). Enter these stairs to get the white armor (in position 1,1), then go back to the 6th floor.
    You are now ready for a second fight against the 5 dragons ! The Red Dragon in position 8,3.
    The Blue Dragon in position 8,5.
    The Green Dragon in position 8,7.
    The Yellow Dragon in position 8,9.
    The Black Dragon in position 8,11.
    Go then to the end boss, the terrible Super-Dragon Gazelbarn (in position 8,16) for the ultime confrontation. When this monster is defeated, insert disk A to see the end demo.

The end

    Luna is congratulating you and you report the success of your mission : the monsters are dead, the girls are free and you come back with the four gems of Adriana.
  Legend for the map of the 6 tower floors    
1 - Gorrem and prison key
2 - Waterway
3 - Trap
4 - Stairs to floor 2
5 - Ann
6 - Torture room and Annie
7 - Lift
8 - Red Dragon

1 - Stairs to floor 1
2 - Mel
3 - Stairs to floor 3
4 - Lift
5 - Goblin
6 - Waterway
7 - Earrings of devil
8 - Silver leaf
9 - Parchment (dial 1175)
10 - Door with dial
11 - Torture room and Zion
12 - Blue Dragon
1 - Stairs to floor 2
2 - Guard training room
3 - Employment security office
4 - Special training school
5 - Office for the permission to use the lift
6 - Stairs to floor 4
7 - Every sign X is a trap
8 - Loulou
9 - Lift
10 - Statue
11 - Training room and Jane
12 - Green Dragon
13 - Waterway
1 - Stairs to floor 3
2 - Lift
3 - Blue door
4 - Blue coffin with red stone
5 - White sword
6 - Scribbling
7 - Waterway
8 - Red door
9 - Red coffin with blue stone
10 - Rarra
11 - Leila
12 - Yellow Dragon
1 - Lift
2 - Waterway (access to floor 6)
3 - Dwarf blacksmith
4 - Altar
5 - Black Dragon and Lula
6 - Popepo's pavilion
7 - Stairs to floor 1
8 - Maria
9 - Little Match Girl
10 - Sealing Coat
11 - Cabaret
12 - Sorsha and white whip
13 - Stairs to floor 6
14 - White armor
1 - Waterway
2 - Hole in the ceiling
3 - Stairs to floor 5
4 - Red Dragon
5 - Blue Dragon
6 - Green Dragon
7 - Yellow Dragon
8 - Black Dragon
9 - Super-Dragon Gazelbarn

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